Fear Konstruktor · Oktophony

NN VIII · May 2011

· Criticism Of Prior Devices
· Room With No View
· A Single Blade Of Grass
· Radar Horizon
· At The Bottom Of Everything
· Atomic No. 34
· Undercurrents
· Bird Box

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With a vast array of releases under its belt, Fear Konstructor shows no sign of artistic exhaustion, and continues to evolve in pursuit of creative completion. From the very beginning, we have been inspired by Nikita's enthusiastic and vibrant personality as FK reminds us what the underground art spirit is really about. Therefore, we are proud to spread the sound that takes the listener back to the days when the term 'industrial music' was taken literally. Machinery's sheer vitality brings the dead mass and weight into complex activity of a truly living organism, perfectly set within its natural environment —like an octopus that coils and writhes in unrestrained paroxysms.

Pretentious captions aside, this album contemplates the interfering frequencies, oscilations, and fluctuations of accumulated power, relentlessly throbbing in continuous cycles. Employing a wide range of pedals, FX units and synth modules, the artist achieves his vision in a soothing, perfectly paced, yet radically intense musical form. Let us join him.
The luxurious steel box with an artwork transferred directly onto metal surface with three extra insert cards enclosed, each disc has been numbered by hand. Only 40 copies have been manufactured, secure yours before somebody else does.

Fear Konstruktor is a brave new sound from Russia, inspired by brightness and vibrance of modern world. However it contains retro-futuristic touch as seen through the prism of ultramodern devices. All that chik-chik and wao-wao are just words of the significant phrase... Listening to Fear Konstruktor is being inside yourself and outside our universe at the same time. Because those billions of living sounds are caught for you by daring one.

  First Human Ferro · Homo Shargey

NN VII · January 2011

· Alone Under Stars
· Moon Route
· Steps & Leaps
· Trassa Paradoksa
· Trajectories
· Dove In The Tunnel
· Heavens' Resident
· The Open Book
· Space Cradle
· Astra Incognita
· Dark Matter
· Memory Crater
· Rendezvous
· Forgotten
· Mare Internum
· The Visionary

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Alexander Shargey (also known as Yuriy Kondratyuk) is a representative of passionate enthusiastic inventors who put their lives at stake to accomplish the mission for the future good of the whole mankind. Shargey belongs to a cohort of scientists who were the first to foresee the space conquering. They were great yet mocked-at dreamers and had to fight against all odds twice as hard. Shargey is a "recognized" space theoretic of unique unconventional genius. The name of a self-made engineer since decades has become well up to par with famous scientists like Tsiolkovskiy, Tsander, Korolyov.

Ukrainian First Human Ferro project led by Olegh Kolyada pays a long overdue tribute to its compatriot composing a well-crafted vintage dark ambient album with both poignant and mesmerizing layers of sidereal voyage.

Homo Shargey was pre-mastered by Italian ambient magician Vestigial. The packaging consists of a luxurious A5-sized digipak with silver finish and gloss varmish, conceptually designed by Marcin £ojek at Ibsen Design. Only 500 copies made.

This particular release is a cooperative effort of New Nihilism, fellow Requiem Productions and Triangle Records.

Exactly 40 years ago, Apollo 10 blasted off Earth; its mission in the words of Commander Tom Stafford "to sort out the unknowns and pave the way for a lunar landing". Continuing his series of essays marking the 40th anniversary of the moonshots, Dr Christopher Riley reflects on NASA's method for landing on the Moon and the Apollo legacy of space rendezvous.

In may 1969, with only seven months to go before the end of the decade, the first Lunar Module to fly in orbit around the Moon was powered up and readied for undocking from the Command Module. Astronauts Tom Stafford, John Young and Gene Cernan were about to test out a technique for lunar landing which had first been proposed in 1916 by a Ukrainian mechanic Yuriy Kondratyuk. Kondratyuk's thesis described how a small landing craft could leave a mothership in lunar orbit to ferry its crew to the surface and back -- a technique later referred to as Lunar Orbit Rendezvous or LOR.

Forty years after Apollo it's easy to see this method of landing a man on the Moon as the only way it could have been done. But the idea of bringing two vehicles together in space above the Moon had originally been rejected outright by NASA as simply too difficult.
From the 1950s, the principal concept for a flight to the Moon involved a streamlined rocket blasting vertically off the Earth, flying straight there and then landing vertically tail first on a column of rocket thrust.

After lunar exploration was completed, it would then perform a similar vertical launch from the Moon and a final vertical landing back on Earth.Popular in both science fiction and with military feasibility studies at the time, this "Direct Ascent", as it was dubbed, also seemed an obvious solution for Apollo. But Direct Ascent was not as straight forward as it first appeared. It would need a completely new and truly immense rocket called the Nova to do the job; twice as powerful as the Saturn V and perhaps as tall as the Empire State Building. Secondly, no one really knew how the astronauts, sitting near the top, could land a very tall rocket on the lunar surface tail first.

Rocket pioneer Wernher von Braun had been championing an alternative concept called Earth Orbit Rendezvous (EOR) since his US Army days in the late 1950s. His method would eliminate the need for one giant rocket, requiring instead a number of relatively smaller Juno V booster rockets, later to be known as Saturn Vs. These would launch into orbit the collective hardware necessary to assemble a giant vehicle to travel on to the Moon and return to Earth. But whilst EOR solved the problem of building a giant rocket on Earth, the difficulty of landing it on the surface of the Moon remained. In addition, multiple Saturn V rocket launches would be needed for each Moon shot and so EOR would be expensive.

What von Braun and the others had missed was that it was not necessary for the entire spacecraft to land on the Moon. This had been Kondratyuk's breakthrough thought. He realised that a smaller landing craft could be used to ferry the crew from the mothership in lunar orbit to the surface and back. This landing craft could then be discarded, leaving a much smaller and lighter craft to be propelled back to Earth.

Shargey died in 1942, a generation before Apollo. But at least two space scientists, Herman Oberth and an Englishman named Harry E Ross, had kept Kondratyuk's ideas alive in the intervening years.
When Neil Armstrong visited the Soviet Union after his historic flight, he collected a handful of soil from outside Kondratyuk's house in Novosibirsk to acknowledge his contribution to spaceflight.
  Government Alpha · Impregnable Storm

NN VI · April 2009

· Electric Sandstorm
· Venusian Dragon
· Electromagnetic Aurora
· Thorny Tornado
· Desertification
· Infinity

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It's impossible to get a clue about Japanese noise phenomenon without mentioning Yasutoshi Yoshida, the man responsible for numerous extreme music gems such as Government Alpha, S.Isabela, Detroit Core etc. and surely the kingpin of the renowned Xerxes label.

Govt. Alpha's mission started in 1992 as a natural conclusion to Yoshida's urge for expression through the art, deliberately in it's terminal form. While incorporating all that awesome elements of Japanese noise sound, Government Alpha suddenly developed its own trademark sound—abstract yet seductive framework of multilayered feedback, mangled distortion roars, wild editing and manic signal processing that takes an assault on your ears with no holds barred.
Tokio's wildest, Government Alpha proves it again on Impregnable Storm, an album scheduled for NN so long ago... And worth to wait for, hands down! This is extremely brutal, loud and harsh. This is the passion. This is sexy. This is Government Alpha.

Once again the packaging consists of an A2-sized, offset printed poster folded to form A5 sleeve housed in crystal celar plastic wrapper. Limited to 250 hand numbered copies, get yours just now.

There is also a possiblity of purchasing an extra copy of the poster unfolded and to be sent in tube to fulfill your groupie dorm decoration needs.
  Per Aspera · Nil Desperandum

NN V · March 2008

· Epitaphium
· Second Epitaphium
· Crematorium
· Shkiyatm Haolam
· Nil desperandum
· Calling Dreams
· The Light Within

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The third and the most complete release by one of the most tallented ambient artists hailing from Poland these days. Unifying vast array of elements, Per Aspera once again achieves remarkably introvert but vibrant style.

Eerie industrial atmosphere seamlessly blends with serene harmonies of almost orchestral form. Cinematic, monstrous drone formations morph into pulsating abyss of dissonant disturbances and uncompromised sonic experiments, overlaid by subtle beauty of human voice and minimalist acoustic instrumentation.

All those skillful, multiformal explorations establish Nil desperandum one of those albums of complex yet stable musical concept—reflecting the incoherencies of human nature and its immanent affection to chaos and order merged together. Per Aspera tends to render tragically compound heritage of the mankind, being constantly shaped by cultural, ethnic and religious or ideologic discrepancies.

Definitely not your average dark–ambient buzz, this album stands out of the dull cliche. The sound may appeal to the admirers of T. Köner, Parca Pace, Nocturnal Emissions or Neubautens to name a few but still, expect no pattern follower.

Complemented with special A5–sized glossy digipak designed by Ibsen studio, this CD is limited to 500 copies only.
(...) Whilst it's ridiculously difficult to be overly innovative within the dark ambient genres, one of the skills a composer must demonstrate is the ability to keep the listener engaged whilst producing a sound that doesn't show immediate comparisons to one or another artist from within this genre. Thankfully Per Aspera does a fantastic job at both and has created a set of recordings that smack of originality whilst containing a myriad of well executed compositions, rich textural sounds and a wonderfully imaginative evolving plethora of atmospheres that flow from the album. As a dark ambient release this is as good as it gets and sets an impressively high standard immediately, with a faultless album being produced from start to finish.
For those who relish in the shadowy undercurrent of rich dark ambient soundscapes 'Nil Desperado' delivers a fabulous journey into this style of music and is welcomed addition to the genre itself and as such is a near prefect introduction for a relatively unknown artist and a label which promises great things, if this is anything to go by.
—as reviewed on Judas Kiss Magazine.

(...) Lucid, outdistanced yet engrossing terror–art full of treats. Per Aspera manages to intrigue with harmonious abundance of grey shade spectrum, and is capable of riveting all of your attention to the loudspeaker system, in front of which you await next allurements of that undoubtfully luxuriant soundscape imagination. —as reviewed on Postindustry.org, rating 4 out of 5 stars.
  Hated Bruit Kollektiv
· Aktion One

NN II · March 2008
Harsh Kontakt 01

· Aktion One

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HBK is an ephemeric project held among musicians behind Genetic Transmission, Moan and Nojsens. Three minds, three individualities, tree artists sharing one inspired vision. These are people we know for years so it became somehow natural to invite their bastard child to our NN therapy group finally, starting the "Harsh Kontakt" series of relases from now on.

The sound sculpture presented hereby has been captured at Bez Kontroli Fest 2007 as probably HBK's best gig to date. Expect the unexpected, as they have gone the whole hog, without no mercy to the audience or themselves. OK, it's all there: refreshing traditional industrial, warming harsh noise, stoned bruitist plunderphonics, and last but not least—good taste and the fucking clue, VSOP.
It actually takes about 1/4 of the way through this to discover it's not the full blown noise attack the first 10 minutes suggest, as this settles into a nice, post- industrial, hazy, metallic drone thing for awhile, before scuttering off again into noisier realms, populated by scraping junk sounds, cut-ups, hissing noise and broken frequencies. I detect elements of Contagious Orgasm, Zoviet France, H. Caspar and standard Japanese noise fare all collapsing into one other over it's 40 minute time frame. —as presented on Malignant.

The packaging consist of a huge, A2-sized heavy stock poster folded to form A5 sleeve housed in a solid plastic wrapper. Limited to 250 hand numbered copies.
  Schmerz · Old School Misanthropy

NN I · April 2007

· Natural Born Prey
· Old School Misanthropy
· Pigday II
· Hosts of the Almighty Truth
Old School Misanthropy is a debut release by a new band formed out of three individuals running their notorious noise mongering projects as Leichenhalle, Mantichora and Sujoy. Schmerz unifies their sound–abrassive struggle in another form.

Right form the start it has been pretty obvious that after several initial rehearsals and spontaneous live-without-audience recording sessions they will came up with nothing else than deliciously rough and grinding, industrialised power electronics noise mayhem with angry screamings and insane scansion of profound lyrics.

Intentional use of limited variety of tools like analog synthesizers, mangled electronics, processed feedback, metal junk abuse and pissed off attitude has brought Schmerz back to simple, yet effective basics. Such approach is kind of hard to came across nowadays which makes this album a gem. Yes, this is a brutal stuff. And yes, you'll love this.

Four tracks, total playing time is 31:04. Professionally manufactured CDR edition of 300 hand–numbered copies. Each item consists of a disc and five artwar inserts printed on a heavyweight glossy cardboard, housed in a DVD box.
Here is a really solid (debut?) release from a project and label I know little about. Schmerz delivers uncompromising synth-based pulsating power electronics with a good number of industrial elements and of course, typical power-electronic styled vocals. The release features four tracks in a little over 30 minutes which is unusual for a power electronics release, but these tracks do not disappoint. (...) If you are a traditionalist when it comes to power electronics I recommend this album because it really does live up to it's name. It deals with a stripped down approach and a bleak aesthetic. A strong release from this unfamiliar artist, one that I will be keeping a wary eye on.
—as reviewed on Blood Ties.

Promising debut for this unknown Polish project. Beds of thick, monotone frequency pulsations with moderate distortion and ominous and dirty flanged vocals. No need to expand on the description... this is what it is... fairly traditional, but quite good power electronics and definitely recommended. Think Ex.Order as a reference point. —as presented on Malignant.
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